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Scales and modes

We'll teach all about major and minor scales and the feelings they can create in your music. You'll start with whole and half steps and eventually in video 8 we'll talk about modes.

Chords and chord progressions

You'll learn about building a chords then chord progressions. We'll also get deep into learning about chord inversions and how to create tension within your music.

Time signatures and note values

If you play an instrument like guitar or piano you are probably already familiar with time signature, however as a producer it's something that's often overlooked.

You'd be suprised to learn that the majority of amateur music producers click blindly around the piano roll in their DAW without even thinking about music theory.

However with some basic understanding of music theory you can unlock the ideas in your head and make the music you really want to.

In this FREE 80 minute video series you'll learn about:

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